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Oct 22

October 22, 2017

Halloween Skull Coloring Page

Halloween Skull Coloring Page! Hey Friends!  Check out the fun new coloring page I made for you!  I’m super excited about it because it’s a little unique for me!!  My style is usually a little more warm and cuddly than this and usually appeals more to kids.  But this decorative skull is pretty, modern, just a tiny bit edgy and sure to appeal to a more grown up audience (although my six year old grandson G1 insisted he needs a copy…

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Jul 31

July 31, 2017

Dish Towel

DIY Vintage Recipe Dish Towel

Recipe Dish Towel My mom loved pickles!  I did not!  I would always give her the pickle off of my hamburger and she’d add it to her’s.  The more pickles the yummier, in her mind.  Mom loved pickles so much she even canned her own.  We still have her handwritten recipe that she used to make Mustard Pickles. As a gift for my three older sisters, I made these dish towels with mom’s recipe on them and they absolutely loved…

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Apr 12

April 12, 2017

Easter Eggs

Pretty Embellished Easter Eggs!

Eggs! Are you looking for a beautiful easter craft you can make and display?  Well, here it is!! I first made these way back when I was a teenager or young adult.  Some of the eggs pictured are the actual ones I made back then.  I love making them because they are so fancy and delicate – Oh So Pretty!  And they make a lovely holiday decoration or gift!  The only tricky part is wrapping the egg.  Other than that…

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Mar 28

March 28, 2017

DIY Wooden Castle

Castle Play Set – DIY

Castle Play Set. The Grands love this play castle I made for them.  They play for hours with the Castle, Knights, Fairy Princesses and Dragons (who mysteriously disappeared before this photo shoot).  With this fun play set and their imaginations my grandkids visit fairytale lands where amazing and magical things happen! Everything you need to make your very own Castle Play Set for your little ones can be purchased at Michael’s Craft Store.  They also sell Safari Toobs, (tubes full…

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Mar 1

March 1, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Coloring Page

Puffy Paint Leprechaun!

Puffy Paint Leprechaun! March is the time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  From the Love My Big Happy Family collection of Puffy Paint Coloring Pages, here is a fun Leprechaun that you can use with Puffy Paint! Kids love to use puffy paint because it adds so much fun and 3D texture to their paintings. We made orange paint to use on Mr. Lucky’s beard! This is a perfect activity for your St. Patrick’s Day Party.  Make one to hang…

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Feb 21

February 21, 2017

Electronic Cutting Tool Projects

Silhouette CAMEO® – My Top Five Favorite Projects

Last summer I was fortunate to be able to purchase Silhouette CAMEO®  electronic cutting tool to use in making my crafts!  One of my two grown daughters already had CAMEO and I had been wanting one for several months, so needless to say I was very happy when I got my very own CAMEO! My other daughter was the first to acquire an electronic cutting tool; but hers is a different brand. After using both, we all prefer Silhouette CAMEO®. …

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Feb 1

February 1, 2017

DIY Bird Feeders!

My grandsons and I had so much fun with this project!  We made our very own bird feeders!  With all the snow we’ve had here in Utah this winter I think the birds appreciated it too.  If you’re looking for a quick, easy and enjoyable project you can do with the kiddos, look no farther – you’ve found it! This first picture shows the boys with their finished bird feeders just before we took them outside to hang them in…

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Jan 31

January 31, 2017

Making Paper Snowflakes – Picture Tutorial & Free Printable Pattern

Here’s What You’ll need: Copy Paper 8.5″ X 11″ Sharp Scissors Exacto Knife Snowflake Patterns Get your Free Downloadable Snowflake Patterns HERE Here’s What to Do”  Print out a Snowflake Pattern (either a blank one or one with a design)               2.  Turn the paper over so the printed side is down.                 3.  Fold the paper to create a triangle (with 8 small triangles showing) as…

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Dec 5

December 5, 2016

Happy Santa Craft

Happy Santa Craft!

Kids will love this Happy Santa Craft!  Download and print out your copy today.  It’s perfect to keep the kids busy on a snow day.  You can use it as a Christmas Party Activity or in the classsroom.  His arms and legs move so the kids can make their own fun poses. Directions: Print out the pattern. Color it using markers, crayons, colored pencils or paints. Cut out the four body pieces. Use paper fasteners to attach the arms and…

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Oct 5

October 5, 2016

Comic Con Birthday Cake!

My oldest grandson just turned six!  For his birthday he wanted me to make him a cake with a combined super heros and Star Wars theme.  So I took to Pinterest to fine some ideas.  To my surprise I was only able to find one example that combined the two themes, although of course I was able to find a whole bunch of cakes that had either a super hero theme or a Star Wars theme.  So I got the wheels…

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Sep 29

September 29, 2016

Cute Scarecr9w

Cute Scarecrow Craft

Scarecrow   What’s more fun than a Scarecrow in Autumn?  These friendly, cheerful fellows are a fun symbol of my absolute favorite season – Autum, with it’s crisp cool air and beautiful fall colors; I love it and I love scareacrows!   I have several to decorate my home.  I get them out in September and keep them up all the way until Thanksgiving.  In October I add some Halloween decorations, then in November I put those away and Thanksgiving…

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Feb 29

February 29, 2016

Sweet Dreams Bakery

When I was a teenager I took a cake decorating class with my sisters.  It must have appealed to me the more than it did them, because after that, for several years, I became the official family birthday cake maker.  I think maybe my inspiration to decorate cakes probably came from a cake my sisters made me for one of my birthdays.  From about the time I was 11 or 12 years old until I was in my early 20’s…

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Jan 21

January 21, 2016

DIY – Puffy Paint

Kids love to use puffy paint!  It adds so much fun and texture to their paintings. I like to have the kids paint snowmen with puffy paint because the texture looks like snow! Here’s What You’ll Need: Washable White School Glue Shaving Cream Washable Tempera Paints (you can also use food coloring but be careful because it stains). Here’s What to Do: Mix equal parts glue and shaving cream, until you have the the desired texture. Add paint or food…

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Jan 11

January 11, 2016

DIY – Snow Globes

Here’s a fun winter project to do with the kids! What you’ll need: Empty Baby Food Jars Glitter & Confetti Small Plastic Penguin, Snowman, etc. (I used some clearance Christmas Toys and just stashed the Santas away for next Small Plastic Tree or Piece of a Plastic Evergreen Branch Polyester Fiberfill (stuffing) Hot Glue Gun Directions: Heat the glue gun and use it to attach a small amount of the polyester fiberfill to the inside of the lid from thebaby…

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Dec 8

December 8, 2015

Reindeer T-Shirts with Footprints & Handprints

Here’s a super fun Christmas project to do with the kids!  It’s a reindeer made from a footprint, hand prints and a thumb print. Here’s what you need: Red T-Shirts (we used long sleeve since the weather is cold this time of year). Acrylic Fabric Paints – Brown Acrylic Fabric Paint – White Acrylic Fabric Paint – Tan (or mix brown & white) Acrylic Fabric Paint – Black (a bottle with a narrow tip) Acrylic Fabric Paint – Glitter Red Paintbrushes…

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