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How To Successfully Return to Work If You Are a Stay-At-Home Mom

September 9, 2018|Posted in: Healthy, Beautiful You!

Successfully return to workHow to Successfully Return to Work if You are a Stay at Home Mom

How To Successfully Return to Work If You Are a Stay-At-Home Mom

Being a stay-at-home Mom can be so rewarding, but after the kids are grown – or because of financial or personal reasons – you may decide to return to the workplace. This can be a difficult transition, so how can you navigate it successfully? Follow these tips for the best chances of getting back into the office with the least amount of trouble.

Choose your starting point

Where do you want to resume your career? Will you try to go in at the level you experienced before having children, or would you like to start a little lower to ease yourself back into things? There are a couple of things to take into consideration here. Firstly, your experience level may not be equivalent to what you think it is if things have moved on in the industry – particularly if you have raised a child to their teen years before returning. Secondly, starting small does mean you may have to put in the years necessary to rise through the ranks all over again rather than getting a fast track. However, it’s important that you only go with what you’re comfortable with – going into a stressful role immediately may be too much.

Create structure at home

When you go back to work, what happens to the home? You were raising your children, cleaning the house and keeping it tidy, ferrying everyone around to their appointments and after-school activities, cooking meals every day, making lunchboxes, and so on. Who does those things now? You will want to structure your own time to ensure that you get to the things you need done in your time at home, and you’ll also want to hand out tasks to other members of the household to ensure the work is now shared.

Ask for flexibility

In many cases, your employer may be able to offer you some flexibility if your kids are still at school. You can perhaps try out part-time work so that you leave in time to pick them up, or you could also work flexible hours so that you come back to work after dropping them off at home.

Have time for yourself

It can be a lot to take on when you return to work. Just make sure that you still keep some time for yourself. Even if you just carve out an hour to have a relaxing bath and read a book on the weekend, be sure to love yourself and look after yourself. Otherwise, you may find yourself become overwhelmed by stress and feeling tired and run down.

Talk to other Moms

It may be helpful to talk to other moms about your experience, especially those who have also transitioned back into the workplace or who are working in your new office. Chatting to them can help you to understand where to find jobs and how to prepare for your interviews, which may be something you haven’t done for a long while. They can help you deal with any worries or fears that might crop up, and will be able to understand what you’re feeling when you do walk back in through those office doors for the first time. They can then be your support network, someone that you turn to when you’re struggling with scheduling or don’t know how to tackle a particular situation.

Returning to work is daunting for anyone, and for someone who has been a stay-at-home Mom, there’s also the added separation anxiety of not being there for your kids. With a bit of work, however, you can make it happen. Just don’t be afraid to take that big step forward.



About the author:

Sienna Walker is an avid careers blogger with background in education and management, often discussing her business and careers tips and suggestions online. Currently, she is supporting Aubiz, an online knowledge library. Privately, Sienna is a huge fan of solo-travelling, especially to the less well-known places.


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