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Chasing Away the Blahs!

February 8, 2015|Posted in: Healthy, Beautiful You!

ID-100149511Chasing Away the Blahs!

Five Important Factors for Good Health

Have you ever found yourself going through life just kinda feeling blah most of the time?  Maybe you feel tired and run down or you have lots of aches and pains, or perhaps you feel like your brain is in a fog.  I’ve been there many, many times!  Here are five main components I’ve found that chase away the blahs and get me feeling good and healthy again.

  1. Sleep:  Get enough sleep!  Many factors come into play in determining how much sleep an individual needs. Age, lifestyle and overall health all have to be considered.  But if you don’t generally feel well rested chances are you need more sleep! To calm your mind, turn off the TV, put down your phone or tablet, etc. awhile before you will be heading to bed.   Limit, or better yet, eliminate your intake of caffeine  Most importantly, set a schedule and adhere to it. Go to bed and get up at roughly the same time each day and your body should fall into a healthy pattern of sleep and awake times.
  1. Healthy Diet:  Make sure you are eating a healthy diet that includes plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Fruits and vegetables should be your main goto foods when you need a snack.  Eat whole grain, high fiber foods.  Choose lean proteins for a lasting full & satisfied feeling. Always be careful to limit your consumption of sugars and foods that are high in fat.
  1. Activity:  It’s important to lead an active lifestyle. Go for a walk, turn on some music and dance, play a game of tag with the kids. Housework and gardening are excellent ways to get exercise. During summertime the activity choices are abundant. In the wintertime it takes a bit more creativity to find ways to be active. The local mall is a good place to take a walk, workout videos or dance games can be done in your living room. Recruit an exercise buddy and encourage one another to stay active!
  1. Water:  Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Every part of our bodies depends upon water to function properly. So obviously dehydration can cause many health problems.  Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, with every meal and before you go to bed. Avoid soda and drinks with caffeine. Make sure your main intake of liquid is good old water!
  1. See Your Doctor:  Finally, if you’re feeling blah, it’s important to see your doctor and make sure there is no serious medical cause. I spent years thinking my gallbladder attacks were just gas. I finally saw the doctor and he diagnosed me with ulcers. The ulcer medications made the gallbladder attacks worse. I kept going to the doctor until we finally figured out it was my gallbladder causing the problems. Persistence is key when dealing with health concerns.

So, if you have a case of the blahs, get busy and chase them away!  If you put these ideas into practice you might just start to feel like you have a new lease on life to start the brand new year!!

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