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10 Everyday Activities that are Great Ways to Get Exercise 

January 12, 2016|Posted in: Healthy, Beautiful You!

 Did you ever stop to think that some everyday activities are a great way to get exercise?  Here are ten:

  1. Vacuum the whole house, including stairs, under couches and beds, etc.
  2. Wash all the baseboards.
  3. Change the linen on all the beds.
  4. Scour the tub, shower and all the sinks.
  5. Dust and polish all shelves, pictures and flat surfaces.
  6. Go for a brisk walk.
  7. Shovel snow.
  8. Build a snowman.
  9. Play tag with the kids or any game that involves running, jumping, etc.
  10. Put on music and dance around the living room.

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