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Winter Fun in Books!

January 5, 2019|Posted in: Happy, Healthy, Smart Kids!, Holidays and Seasons

Winter Fun in Books!

Winter Fun in Books!

Reading is so good for kids and I try to encourage it every chance I get!   My book collection is all about holidays and seasons and my grandkids love to read them when they come to Gramma’s house and my fourth grade students love them too.  They like to  learn about all the fun activities and events associated with the different holidays and the changing seasons.  The most wonderful thing of all is when my grandchildren snuggle up next to me and let me read them a story and when my students gather around me and listen with excited anticipation to a new story.!

As a Gramma and a Teacher, I love to read kids books about the seasons and holidays.    Where I live in Utah, we experience all four seasons every year, Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall!  My family has always loved to celebrate holidays together!  I’m working toward having several books about each season and holiday so I can switch them up throughout the year.

Collecting a library of kid’s books for all of the holidays and seasons has been a really fun activity to share with my grandkids.  If you’d like to expand your library of children’s books you can click on the title or photos below and you’ll be directed to Amazon where you can purchase the featured story books to build your collection and read to your own little ones!!  Have a little Winter Fun in Books!

Winter Fun in Books List:

Sneezy the Snowman

The Snowy Nap

Ten on the Sled

Snowflake Bentley

When It Snows

Snowmen at Night

Little Critter: Just a Snowman

Snowballs (Rise and Shine)

The Snow Globe Family

Sleep, Big Bear, Sleep!

The Biggest Snowman Ever

Little Penguin Gets the Hiccups


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