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10 Ways to Express Gratitude

November 9, 2016|Posted in: Holidays and Seasons

img_2890From time to time we all get so busy about our lives that we forget to slow down long enough to reflect upon our many blessings.  November is a great time to stop and not only truly reflect upon all we’re thankful for, but to do something special to express that gratitude.

Here is a list of ten great ways to do just that!  Try a few or make a point to do them all!!

  1. Say a prayer of Thanksgiving.
  2. Write down your blessings.
  3. Post what you’re thankful for on your social media accounts.
  4. Donate to the homeless shelter.
  5. Take some canned goods to your local food bank.
  6. Prepare a meal for a family in need.
  7. Take a plate of goodies to your neighbors.
  8. Write a thank you note to a serviceman or woman.
  9. Smile at strangers and greet them kindly.
  10. Tell your family and friends that you love them and that they’re a blessing to you.

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