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My Wish For You . . .

March 27, 2015|Posted in: Choosing Happiness

Dandelion - My Wish for YouMy Wish for You!

This is a message I wrote to my children about the things I wish for their lives. For some reason I never gave it to them, until today.  I’m sharing it with them for the very first time today.

As I read through it, I realized that it applies just as aptly to my readers.  The reason I started my my blog is to help others. So my dear friends and readers, this too – Is My Wish for You!

  1. Choose to Be Happy

My wish for you is that you would choose to feel happy and contented. Focus on what is right, not what is wrong. When things aren’t the way you want them to be, take a look at the situation in a different light, find a different way to do things or a different way to be happy about the situation. Many people just live day to day feeling stressed or unhappy. Focus on happiness, put effort into it. Stop yourself several times a day and ask if you’re choosing to feel happy. If you’re not then consciously make that choice. Concentrate on the feeling, think about it and let it overtake you.  If you need to, set an alarm on your phone to remind you.

  1. Think Highly of Yourself

My wish for you is that you would live your life with self confidence. Don’t worry that you’re not good enough or that others don’t like you.  Don’t waste any more time worrying that you’re not smart enough, not beautiful enough, not trim or fit enough or not rich or successful enough. The position of being happy with who you are, and where you are, is the best place from which to go forward and achieve even greater things. Take care of yourself, eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, stay hydrated, do things you enjoy.  Self confidence is one of the qualities others will find most attractive in you!

  1. Be Kind to Others

My wish for you is that you would not be angry, argumentative or judgemental. Rather, be sympathetic, accepting and assume the best in others.  Remember everyone has insecurities, struggles and shortcomings, just like you do. The things that others do that make you feel angry, rejected or annoyed come from the problems they’re facing in life. Always be kind to others, be forgiving and understanding. Rather than spending your time thinking about how others treat you, focus on what you can do to bring joy and happiness to someone else. Ironically, that is the very best way to get others to think highly of and be kind to you.

  1. Do What is Right

My wish for you is that you would always be diligent to do what is right. Whether it is exercising, being kind to others, or doing the dishes, do what needs to be done!  Life is full of things we should do, but don’t want to do.  Funny thing is, when we do those things we feel better, we’re more successful and we’re happier.   Be optimistic, honest, kind and hardworking.  Whatever it is, if it is the right thing to do, resolve in your mind to do it, without question, the first time and every single time. Doing what’s right, though often difficult, brings happiness and prosperity.

  1. Remember You’re Only Human

My wish for you is that whenever you fail at numbers one, two, three or four, you will renew your resolve to be happy and successful and get right back to work following these steps. After all, life can be very difficult sometimes, you’re only human and are occasionally bound to fail, but what everyone really wants is to be happy!

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  1. Bradley
    March 27, 2015

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    Awesome, thank you for sharing!

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