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My Nature Photos

February 6, 2017|Posted in: Holidays and Seasons

My Nature Photos

I like to take photographs of pretty things I see.  Here are some of my favorites that I decided it would be fun to share with you!

  1. Bird’s Nest – We found this charming bird’s nest in the grass at the trunk of a small tree in my daughter’s front yard. It was in the fall and had obviously fallen from the tree, hopefully it’s former tenants had moved on.  It’s very interesting to be able to hold it in our hands and look at the details of the nest up close. 
  2. Praying Mantis – This fellow was enjoying the sunshine at Utah’s Hogle Zoo last summer. We took the time to get down and take a close look at him. I love how the praying Mantis will turn it’s head from side to side and look right  back at you!  We helped him off of the asphalt and onto some nearby greenery before we went on our way.
  3. Fall Foliage – I love the colorful leaves in the Autumntime! I gather them, photograph them, show them to children and make art with them. This tree was still mostly green but had one branch that stood out in contrast covered in very bright yellow leaves!  The perspective of looking at the twisting branches reaching upward adds additional interest to this photo.
  4. Grasshopper on Strawberry Leaves – Reflected in this photograph I see my childhood. My dad was a master gardener and he grew strawberries in our yard where I found my love fir them.  Much to Dad’s chagrin there were also grasshoppers in our yard.  My cousin Char and I made it our mission to catch and hold them between our fingers while “feeding” them blades of grass.  My resulting love for the strange critters has sometimes brought me ridicule as an adult!
  5. Red Anthurium – Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City Utah is the home to a diverse collection of birds. This beautiful flower was growing in one of the habitats created to house some of the residents. It’s exotic beauty drew my attention and called to me to be photographed.
  6. Katydid – Coming home late one evening last summer, my husband and I were greeted by this more comely relative of the grasshopper! I have always loved these guys and their bright green bodies camouflaged to look like leaves.  He was a pleasant surprise to welcome us home!
  7. Ladybug on a Sunflower – I fancy myself an amerature photographer of sorts. Creativity is a strength of mine while technology is not. I don’t have proper photography equipment but I love how the little “hairs” on the flower stem pop out of this shot.  The charming ladybug adds further interest.
  8. Mushroom – The cap on this beauty was about three inches long. It was also found on my daughter’s front lawn.  It’s large size, interesting texture and unique and varied colors caught my eye right away! 
  9. Christmas Cactus Bloom – This bright fuchsia flower makes me happy. The plant was nearly dead a few months ago when I moved it into my “plant hospital” on the kitchen window sill.  About six weeks late for Christmas, it is nevertheless stunningly beautiful.
  10. Brilliant Sunset – I snapped this beautiful sunset photo from the car in Layton Utah. On our was to see a play in Salt Lake City one evening last fall we drove toward this stunning display.  When we had to stop briefly at a light I rolled down the window to capture this pic.  The angle and the juxtaposition to the cars with their lights adds interest.
  11. Peacock – A dapper dude strutting his stuff at Lagoon Amusement Park in Farmington Utah. Tucked away in the back center of the par, a grassy area was being enjoyed by a little flock of these beautiful birds.  This fellow put on a dazzling display especially for our entertainment.


Hope viewing these photographs brought you a measure of the enjoyment that taking them brought to me!


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  1. Sandra
    February 6, 2017

    Leave a Reply

    Wow these all look beautiful. Where do you live?
    Where I live, there’s really not a lot of nature and the nature we do have is quite bland (meadows etc)

    • LoriGraceH
      February 6, 2017

      Leave a Reply

      Thank you Sandra! I live in Northern Utah surrounded by mountains, streams, rivers and lakes. It’s very beautiful here!

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