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Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser

February 29, 2020|Posted in: Uncategorized

Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser

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I’ve been using my Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser for a few months now and I absolutely love it! I always have hot and cold water available in an instant.

Cold Water Feature

I was surprised by how many uses I found for my Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser. When I got it I wasn’t sure I really needed one or that I would use it much. Boy was I wrong! It’s the best kitchen appliance I’ve gotten in a long time and I don’t think I could get by without one now.

My doctor has often told me I need to drink more water. Now that I have my Magic Chef Water Dispenser I’m finally drinking the amount of water I should each day. It’s so easy and convenient and the water is always fresh and cold. I’ve gone from throwing away dozens and dozens of plastic water bottles every month to almost none. I have a few pretty water bottles that I can fill daily and then wash and reuse again the next week. Yay for going green and saving our planet!!

Our poor earth.
Yay for saving the earth!

Hot Water Feature

The hot water feature is great too! I use it all the time to make hot soups. Last December I had a Hot Chocolate Party with my two daughters and their children. It was so much fun and the hot water was right there, heated and ready! We had so much fun!!

Great Feature – Safety switch on the hot water so my grandbabies can’t accidentally burn themselves. Puts this gramma’s mind at ease!

It’s great for hot soups!
Hot Chocolate Party! So much fun!!
Hot Water Safety Feature insures little ones won’t accidentally burn themselves.

I’m super excited to go through my first summer with my Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser. I imagine I’ll be going through lots of cool refreshing water as I plant my garden, enjoy my yard and entertain my family.

If you haven’t considered getting a Water Dispenser you should. You and your family will love it and you’ll find so many uses for it! I’ll say it one more time, I Love My Magic Chef Top Loading Water Dispenser!

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