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Gardening With My Grandkids

August 3, 2015|Posted in: Happy, Healthy, Smart Kids!, Welcome to My Garden!

Gardening with My GrandkidsMy favorite place to spend time as a little girl was in our beautiful yard with my daddy. Our yard was exquisite with fruit trees and ornamental shrubs, lush green grass and colorful flowers of all kinds. I would listen as he talked with our neighbors over the back fence,  watch and learn as he did his gardening and we would have conversations about all kinds of things.

Our yard was a gathering place for our family whether it was a barbecue dinner with my parents and sisters or a reunion picnic with aunts, and uncles and cousins!  It was beautiful and relaxing and there was love there!

I’ve tried to recreate that in some small measure in my own yard with my own family. My dad went on to obtain a Master Gardener’s Certificate from the local extension service and to win a beautification award from the city. I don’t pretend to come even close to having as beautiful of a yard as my dad did, but I think my grandkids enjoy it.  These pictures tell the story.




Giant Sunflower!

Giant Sunflower! G2 didn’t want to plant flowers (I guess ’cause he thinks boys aren’t supposed to like flowers). I convinced him by telling him it would grow into a great big GIANT flower!!


Working (And Playing!)

G 1 and G 2 – Working (and Playing!)


Just Hangin' Out

G4 – Just Hangin’ Out


And Talkin' to Gramma

and Talkin’ to Gramma


The Harvest!! (Carrots, Raspberries and Pumpkins!)

Enjoying the Harvest!! (Carrots, Raspberries and Pumpkins!)  My little princess G3 getting in on the action with the pumpkins!












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