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Comic Con Birthday Cake!

October 5, 2016|Posted in: Crafter's Corner, Let's Eat!

comic-con-cakeMy oldest grandson just turned six!  For his birthday he wanted me to make him a cake with a combined super heros and Star Wars theme.  So I took to Pinterest to fine some ideas.  To my surprise I was only able to find one example that combined the two themes, although of course I was able to find a whole bunch of cakes that had either a super hero theme or a Star Wars theme.  So I got the wheels turning and combined the ideas I came up with into a single cake,

It was fairly simple to make.  I found the little characters at the toy store; that many of those little buggers is just a little pricey!.  Of course I used the color schemes associated with each character and decorated with some fondant and candy for trim.  It turned out pretty cute I think!

The sad thing is that G4 lives three hours away from me so we had to transport the cake to his birthday party.  I  thought it was well secured, but alas – the top layer slid off and messed up the trim and the bottom layer got a good smoosh on one side.  I did my best to put it back together and clean it up as well as I could and G4 seemed to be pleased with it anyway!

The kids had lots of fun with a Darth Vader pinata, superhero capes & masks and party favors and lots of fun games!  My daughter-in-law did a great job making a super exciting party!  It was the very first time we’d had all five grandkids together since G5 was born so we got this fun pic!

img_0995 comicimg_1200

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