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Apr 5

April 5, 2015

Frying Sparrow Eggs

Frying Sparrow Eggs As a little girl growing up, my cousin Charlie and I were the best of friends. We lived just a block apart and we rode bikes together, built tents, caught grasshoppers, and ran through the sprinklers! And one day we fried sparrow eggs! My daddy’s yard was beautiful and had lots of trees in it. The sparrows loved all those trees and they would build their nests in them, lay eggs and raise their young. This particular…

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Feb 11

February 11, 2015

Stop Annoying Posts!

Stop ANNOYING Posts! A lot of people out there in “Social Media Land” get annoyed with the posts of other people.  I know, ‘cause they write annoying posts about how they are annoyed!  I consider myself to be a tolerant person and therefore I try to react positively to the things other people post. Here are some things to think about and remember when you come across that next annoying post:  Game Requests That game request, it lets me know…

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