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Stop Annoying Posts!

February 11, 2015|Posted in: Family and Relationships

Annoying PostsStop ANNOYING Posts!

A lot of people out there in “Social Media Land” get annoyed with the posts of other people.  I know, ‘cause they write annoying posts about how they are annoyed!  I consider myself to be a tolerant person and therefore I try to react positively to the things other people post. Here are some things to think about and remember when you come across that next annoying post:

  •  Game Requests

That game request, it lets me know my friends are doing something they enjoy, and for that I’m grateful and it reminds me that these people are my friends because, they in turn, care about my happiness.

  •  Edgy Political Posts

Those far left or far right edgy political posts remind me that, because there are many opinions and points of view, I should always keep an open mind and be willing to look at things from a fresh perspective. Maybe, heaven forbid, someone knows something I don’t!

  •  Shocking or Offensive Posts

When I come across something that shocks or offends me, it reminds me that people have different values, backgrounds, experiences and educations and that causes me to be mindful not to carelessly offend, and also not to be easily offended.

  •  Emotional Posts

Angry, argumentative, sad, and discouraged posts show me that other people have the same kinds of emotions that I do, and they remind me that, I too am only human. They show me which friends might need a compliment or a word of encouragement and I realize those same friends will return similar sentiments in my times of need.  Sometimes too, they remind me that some things should remain private, and that is a good thing to remember!

  •  Support My Business Posts

Let’s not forget those posts where someone is asking you to support their business, or join their group, etc.  They remind me that in one way or another everyone counts on the support of others in order to be successful at and profitable in their jobs, so I say, live and let live!

and finally . . .

  •  Critical or Intolerant Posts

Clearly, everyone has issues of their own, because posts that are critical or intolerant usually Make Me Angry!  Then I am reminded of the irony that I am often intolerant of intolerance!   That makes me ponder, “Am I indeed, a tolerant person?”


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