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Jul 10

July 10, 2015

Road Trip Games (Free Road Trip Bingo Printable)

Looking for ways to keep the kiddos busy in the car on your road trip this summer?  Here is a list of fun ways to occupy the kids (and the grownups) while you’re on vacation: Games to Play in the Car Road Trip Bingo – Print out cards of things you’ll see along the way.  Sign up for Love My Big Happy Family’s Newsletter and you will receive a free printable of the Road Trip Bingo game  pictured below.  It…

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Jul 3

July 3, 2015

Jun 18

June 18, 2015

Jun 1

June 1, 2015

The Big Black Rocking Chair

When I was a very little girl, my family had a big black rocking chair in our living room.  I don’t remember much about any of the other furniture in our living room from way back then, but I remember that big black rocking chair very well.  When I had a hard time falling asleep my daddy would rock me in that rocking chair and sing songs to me. He would sing Rock-a-Bye Baby, I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf…

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May 21

May 21, 2015

Bridal Photographer for a Day

When my youngest daughter got married, to save money we decided to do a lot of the work ourselves.  We had planned and shopped and put together all of the invitations, bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, decorations, wedding favors,  attendant gifts, the hair and makeup for all of the bridesmaids, the cake, etc.  It was a lot of fun but also a lot of work and sometimes it was a little stressful.  The food and dresses were done by professionals and…

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May 14

May 14, 2015

May 13

May 13, 2015

Family Breakfasts at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Every Sunday morning, my four older sisters and I, and our spouses, go out to breakfast and we’ve been doing it for a good number of years now. Most of the time, we go to Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. We started the tradition when our dad became elderly. It was a great way for us to spend time with him as well as to get him out of the house for an enjoyable time. So originally, it was my…

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May 7

May 7, 2015

My Guest Post on Holistic Mama – “My Sisters”

My Very First Guest Post  @ Laura over at Holistic Mama is hosting a really fun series called “Celebrating Sisters” in honor of her sister that she lost.  I am honored to have been a guest writer on her blog.  You can check out this fun series and read all of the posts, including my post, “My Sisters” here on her blog –   Please like & share:

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May 7

May 7, 2015

Stop Annoying Posts! – Part Two

Are You Tolerant of the Posts of Others?   A lot of people out there in “Social Media Land” get annoyed with the posts of other people.  I know, ‘cause they write annoying posts about how they are annoyed!  I consider myself to be a tolerant person and therefore I try to react positively to the things other people post. These are some things to think about and remember when you come across that next annoying post.  This is Part…

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May 6

May 6, 2015

Apr 28

April 28, 2015

Mother/Daughter “In-Law” Relationships

In-Laws We all know the relationship between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law can be a precarious one. There are a plethora of jokes about meddling mothers-in-law.  If we’re honest, almost all of us will admit to laughing at a few of those jokes!  Being both a mother-in-law and a daughter-in-law, I’ve experienced and considered the relationship from both sides. A mother loves her son, wants his time and attention and is passionate in her desire for him to have what’s best for…

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Apr 21

April 21, 2015

Vacation Planning – Your Itinerary

Vacation Planning – Your Itinerary   Summer is just around the corner!  It’s time to start your vacation planning!  This is a sneak peak at my first ebook, “Vacation Planning, American Road Trips.”  I hope you enjoy!!  Watch for the release of  my very first ebook in late May or early June! My husband grew up in Washington and Oregon. His parents live in a Albany, Oregon about an hour and forty minutes from the beach town of Lincoln City,…

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Apr 16

April 16, 2015

This Makes It All Worthwhile!

This Makes It All Worthwhile!   Shopping for groceries on a Sunday afternoon, I turned down the ethnic foods aisle and happened upon one of my former students and his dad. His dad was on the phone and smiled and said, “Hi Lori, good to see you!” Nick came behind his dad and hadn’t noticed me until he heard his dad say hi. With a surprised voice Nick said, “Oh hey Ms Lori!” I greeted them both but didn’t stop…

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Apr 15

April 15, 2015

Mother’s Day Calendar

Mother’s Day Traditions – Personalized Calendar My mom has been gone for over 20 years now and I miss her very much. My three older sisters and I go in together and purchase a great big bouquet of flowers and meet at the cemetery every Mother’s Day to remember our sweet mom. Since we can’t really buy any gifts for her other than that, we buy them for each other. We take them to the cemetery with us and exchange Mother’s…

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Apr 13

April 13, 2015

Don’t Jump to Conclusions!

Don’t Jump to Conclusions! Jumping to conclusions can have devastating consequences! Opportunities can be missed, friendships can be lost and hopes and dreams can be crushed! Every individual has a very personal and unique set of life’s experiences, which develops their expectations in life and influence their reactions to things. Being the egocentric beings we humans are, we tend to operate on the assumption that everyone has the same life experiences, expectations and reactions that we do. Nothing could be…

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