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This Makes It All Worthwhile!

April 16, 2015|Posted in: Family and Relationships

This Makes It All Worthwhile!  

This Makes It All Worthwhike!  An appreciative Student!

Shopping for groceries on a Sunday afternoon, I turned down the ethnic foods aisle and happened upon one of my former students and his dad. His dad was on the phone and smiled and said, “Hi Lori, good to see you!” Nick came behind his dad and hadn’t noticed me until he heard his dad say hi. With a surprised voice Nick said, “Oh hey Ms Lori!” I greeted them both but didn’t stop to talk because the father was on the phone.

Nick and his brother came to the small Christian school, of which I was administrator, for just part of one year. They’d had trouble getting by in their previous school. They’d done very well in our little school, but for some reason they chose not to continue their education with us.

As I finished my shopping I caught glimpses of them down an aisle once or twice. In the produce section I noticed them across the way but didn’t think much of it. Only a couple more items and then I’d be ready to head to the checkout counter. While Looking over the baking potatoes, all of a sudden I heard Nick’s voice.

“Hey Ms. Lori.” I turned to look at him and he continued, “I just wanted to come tell you thank you for having me in your school. I made so many friends there, that I still have today. I really appreciate it.” And then he gave me a hug!

My heart melted as I hugged him back with his kind, heartfelt words echoing in my thoughts. I told him he was very welcome and I’d very much enjoyed him being in the school. I told him that we’d been thinking about having a reunion and inviting all of the students to a barbecue, that I’d let him know if we decided to do it.

Nick said he’d like that very much and then said his goodbyes and made his way back toward his dad.

I thought about the surprising and heartwarming incident the rest of the day. How rewarding it was to hear those words and know that in that short time we had made a difference in Nick’s life. Oftentimes I think about my former students and how much they mean to me and how much they each have touched my life and I wonder, for how many of them, did I make a difference?

Thank you Nick for your kind words!. You will never know just how much they mean to me!


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