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Jul 31

July 31, 2017

Dish Towel

DIY Vintage Recipe Dish Towel

Recipe Dish Towel My mom loved pickles!  I did not!  I would always give her the pickle off of my hamburger and she’d add it to her’s.  The more pickles the yummier, in her mind.  Mom loved pickles so much she even canned her own.  We still have her handwritten recipe that she used to make Mustard Pickles. As a gift for my three older sisters, I made these dish towels with mom’s recipe on them and they absolutely loved…

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Nov 10

November 10, 2016

Make Your Own Thanksgiving Village!

This is a super fun craft activity for kids!  It features a colonial cabin, a teepee, a pumpkin, a turkey and a set of pilgrims and native Americans.  Just print out the pieces on cardstock and then use crayons, markers or colored pencils to decorate them.  They’re easy to assemble using a glue stick or tape. You can play with your Thanksgiving Village  or use it as a fun holiday display or decoration! You can purchase the printable for just…

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Sep 29

September 29, 2016

Cute Scarecr9w

Cute Scarecrow Craft

Scarecrow   What’s more fun than a Scarecrow in Autumn?  These friendly, cheerful fellows are a fun symbol of my absolute favorite season – Autum, with it’s crisp cool air and beautiful fall colors; I love it and I love scareacrows!   I have several to decorate my home.  I get them out in September and keep them up all the way until Thanksgiving.  In October I add some Halloween decorations, then in November I put those away and Thanksgiving…

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Jan 19

January 19, 2016

“Candy Hearts” Valentine Decoration

This “Candy Heart” Valentine Decoration is a sweet way to display the names of the ones you love most!  Make one with the names of everyone in the family or the kids or grandkids. Here’s What You’ll Need: Wooden Heart Shapes Red Alphabet Stickers Wide Red Ribbon Needle & Thread Small Scrap of thin Red Ribbin Acrylic Paints (Candy Hearts traditionally come in: Pink, Lavender, Green, Yellow, Orange and White) Heavy Duty Stapler Hot Glue Gun Sparkle Spray Clear Coat…

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Oct 3

October 3, 2015

Free Downloadable Haunted House Printable!

Free Downloadable Haunted House Printable!

Haunted House Craft   Here is a fun little Haunted House you can make for Halloween.  All you need to make one of your own is a square tissue box; a glue stick and scissors; some crayons, paints or markers; and this free downloadable printable!  It’s fun for grownup crafters but it’s also simple enough that even the little ones can make one with only a little bit of help from a grownup. Easy to follow directions are included! You…

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Sep 4

September 4, 2015

Candy Corn Man

Free CANDY CORN MAN Printable

Your kids will love this friendly Candy Corn Man.   Easy to follow instructions are included so you can help your little one make one to have for their very own! Kids will love this Happy Candy Corn Craft! Directions: Print out the pattern. Color it using markers, crayons, colored pencils or paints. Cut out the pieces. Use strips of paper folded accordian style, to attach the hands and feet to the body. It’s as simple as that!  Your Candy…

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Mar 30

March 30, 2015

Pretty Wrapped Easter Eggs!

Pretty Wrapped Easter Eggs Supplies: Choose Your Eggs – Plastic Easter Eggs, Actual Egg Shells with middles blown out, or Styrofoam Egg Shapes Embroidery Floss White Craft Glue Hot Glue Gun Embellishments such as Small Silk Flowers Appliqués Lace Ribbon Felt Pieces Directions:  Real Eggs – Make a very small hole in each end. Shake the egg vigorously to break the yolk. Hold the egg over a bowl and blow forcefully into one of the holes in the ends. When all of…

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