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Jan 26

January 26, 2017

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show those sweet kiddos in your life just how much you love them!  Sometimes it can be so hard to find just the right gift.  But alas, here is a gift guide to make that task a breaze!  The gifts below are so cute and so much fun; you couldn’t go wrong by choosing any one of them!  These are Gifts The Little Ones are Sure to Love!!! A Giant Chocolate Kiss – Kisses Valentine’s…

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Nov 30

November 30, 2016

How to Have An Old Fashioned Family Christmas!

These days Christmas can become very busy, very stressful and very commercialized.  If you find yourself longing for a time when Christmas was quieter, simpler, and perhaps held more focus on what is truly important, then this year, you might want to observe some of these Old Fashioned Christmas Traditions! Have a Real Christmas Tree!My research tells me that the tradition of decorating Christmas trees started in Germany around the 16th Century.Today most people have artificial trees but When I was…

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Nov 28

November 28, 2016

Santa and Reindeer Coloring Page

Merry Christmas Everyone!!  Here are Santa and Rudolph to help you celebrate!  This is a free downloadable coloring page for you and your little ones to enjoy!!  If you’d like more coloring pages like this, subscribe to the Love My Big Happy Family newssletter!! You can get your subscribtion to the newsletter in the sidebar to the right! -> Christmas Coloring Page! Get your  Santa and Reindeer Coloring Page Here! Please like & share:

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Nov 21

November 21, 2016

Jo’s Caramel Corn

This is one of my extended family’s all time favorite treats.  It’s called “Jo’s Caramen Corn” because my sister Jo makes it every year for our 4th of July get together.  It’s also a good treat in the Fall, at Christmas time, and well…at any time!  These popcorn balls are soft, sweet and delicious!  You definately want to try them!! Here’s What You’ll Need: 1 Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 lb of Brown Sugar 1 Stick of Butter 1…

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Oct 12

October 12, 2016

Chicken & Biscuits

Chicken & Biscuits, a perfect warm comfort meal for a cool fall day! Here’s What You’ll Need: 2 Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts 4 Chicken Bullion Cubes 2 Envelopes of Chicken Gravy 6 Cups of Water 1 Can of Corn 1 1/2 Cups of Sliced Carrots 1/4 tsp of Thyme 1 tsp of Basil 2 Bay Leaves Salt & Pepper  1 Can of Ready Made Biscuits Here’s What to Do: Heat 4 cups of water to boiling and dissolve the 4…

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Aug 26

August 26, 2016

Back to School Sugar Cookies

These delicious sugar cookies are easy to decorate for any holiday or season! Cookies – What You Need: 3 Cups of Flour 1 Cup of Sugar 1 tsp Baking Powder 1 Cup of Butter (I use salted) 1 Large Egg tsp Vanilla Extract Directions: Mix together flour and baking powder. Using your mixer combine the sugar, butter (softened), egg and vanilla extract.  Mix well. Gradually add flour and baking soda mixture and mix until dough can be formed into a…

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Jul 14

July 14, 2016

Hit Board Game ‘Monopoly’ is Making Its Way to Broadway

Hit Board Game ‘Monopoly’ is Making Its Way to Broadway Photo Credit: The classic board game Monopoly is without a doubt a part of popular world culture. It’s played all around the globe by families, adults, teens and kids alike, teaching valuable lessons such as handling finances and investments. What a lot of people don’t know, however, is that the game was originally made to bring awareness about income inequality. Brief History The game traces its origins back to…

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May 31

May 31, 2016

Fresh Garden Salsa

Mmmmmm!  This fresh garden salsa is DELICIOUS! Here’s What You’ll Need: 5 lbs (approximately 6 cups) of Ripe Tomatoes (We like to use a variety of types of tomatoes to give the salsa an extra rich flavor). 1/2 lb (approximately 1 cup) of mini sweet peppers (yellow, orange & red) 2-3 Serrano Peppers 1-2 Jalapeno Peppers 1 Bunch of Cilantro Salt Garlic Salt Here’s What You Need to Do:  Using a food processor, chop tomatoes to desired consistency and pour…

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May 10

May 10, 2016

Mama’s Hamburger Pie

Hamburger Pie is one of my favorite meals that my Mama used to make.  It’s also one of my husband’s all time favorite meals!  Your family is certain to love it too!! Here’s What You’ll Need: 1 lb. Ground Beef Family Size Can of Tomato Soup (26 oz.) Milk 1 Can of Corn 6-8 Large Potatoes (You can use instant potatoes if you’d like but my family only goes for the real thing!) 3 Tbsps Butter Salt & Pepper Here’s…

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May 5

May 5, 2016

Planning Your Vacation Itinerary!

Vacation Planning – Your Itinerary The hubby and daughters at the Oregon Coast Aquarium   Summer is just around the corner!  It’s time to start your vacation planning!  This is a preview of my ebook, “Vacation Planning, American Road Trips.”  I hope you enjoy!! Get a sneak peek into the planner here:  Purchase the planner here: My husband grew up in Washington and Oregon. His parents live in a Albany, Oregon about an hour and forty minutes from the…

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May 4

May 4, 2016

A Weed or A Wish?

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May 2

May 2, 2016

Planning the Perfect Vacation – American Road Trips

Do you want to have the PERFECT FAMILY VACATION this summer?!! Here’s How!!! It’s that time of year again!  Vacation planning time!!  Yay!!!  Vacations are fun and exciting – a time to forget your cares and relax and have fun, a time for families to bond and grow closer to one another! Of course choosing of a destination very exciting!  There are so many fun places to visit, will you go to an old favorite destination or discover somewhere completely…

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May 1

May 1, 2016

Hello May!

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Feb 24

February 24, 2016

Boy or Girl – A Blessing Either Way!

In seven days we get to find out the gender of grandbaby #5!  Well, Mommy and Daddy and Gramma (me) do!  The rest of the family has to wait five days until the gender revel party.  Grandpa and one Auntie have threatened me with torture if I don’t tell them!  Somehow I’ll find the strength to keep the secret! Currently I have three grandsons and one granddaughter.  G1 and G3 (the granddaughter) live three hours away from me so I…

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Jan 18

January 18, 2016