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May 5

May 5, 2016

Planning Your Vacation Itinerary!

Vacation Planning – Your Itinerary The hubby and daughters at the Oregon Coast Aquarium   Summer is just around the corner!  It’s time to start your vacation planning!  This is a preview of my ebook, “Vacation Planning, American Road Trips.”  I hope you enjoy!! Get a sneak peek into the planner here:  Purchase the planner here: My husband grew up in Washington and Oregon. His parents live in a Albany, Oregon about an hour and forty minutes from the…

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May 4

May 4, 2016

A Weed or A Wish?

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May 2

May 2, 2016

Planning the Perfect Vacation – American Road Trips

Do you want to have the PERFECT FAMILY VACATION this summer?!! Here’s How!!! It’s that time of year again!  Vacation planning time!!  Yay!!!  Vacations are fun and exciting – a time to forget your cares and relax and have fun, a time for families to bond and grow closer to one another! Of course choosing of a destination very exciting!  There are so many fun places to visit, will you go to an old favorite destination or discover somewhere completely…

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May 1

May 1, 2016

Hello May!

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Feb 24

February 24, 2016

Boy or Girl – A Blessing Either Way!

In seven days we get to find out the gender of grandbaby #5!  Well, Mommy and Daddy and Gramma (me) do!  The rest of the family has to wait five days until the gender revel party.  Grandpa and one Auntie have threatened me with torture if I don’t tell them!  Somehow I’ll find the strength to keep the secret! Currently I have three grandsons and one granddaughter.  G1 and G3 (the granddaughter) live three hours away from me so I…

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Jan 18

January 18, 2016

Jan 13

January 13, 2016

True Intelligence

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Jan 2

January 2, 2016

Hello January!

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Dec 4

December 4, 2015

Free Printable Chritstmas Gift Tags

I created these gift tags on my computer just for you!  They are my free gift to you when you sign up for the Love My Big Happy Family Newsletter.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Love My Big Happy Family!! Download you FREE PRINTABLE GIFT TAGS HERE! Please like & share:

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Dec 2

December 2, 2015

Dec 1

December 1, 2015

Getting Organized with a Planning Calendar

  Every Thursday evening my sisters and I and our husbands (except mine usually has to work) go out to dinner. We also have season tickets to the local play house so every so often we go to a play on Thursday nights (my hubby usually takes the night off for plays).  It just so happened that one Thursday when we had a play scheduled, my husband couldn’t take that night off and my daughter and her fiance had tickets…

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Nov 17

November 17, 2015

Mama’s Cranberry Apple Salad

My Mama used to make an especially yummy Apple Cranberry Salad every year for Thanksgiving.  I’ve never seen or tasted anything else like it.  It goes wonderfully with turkey or on a turkey sandwich. If you’re making a small batch it is fairly simple to make.  If you tripple, quadruple or sixtuple – I don’t thing that’s a real word ;0) – it like we do, it can be a bit time consuming to cut and peel the apples and…

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Oct 30

October 30, 2015

My Boos & Ghouls Ready to Trick-or-Treat!

I wanted to share with you pics of my boos and ghouls in their Halloween costumes!  So much fun!!  I hope you enjoy them. Lion Tamers and Their Little Lion (G4) Han Solo! (G2) A Skeleton and A Witch!  (G1 & G3) Here’s a bonus pic from 2014, just ’cause it’s so Stinkin’ Cute!  A Knight, a Princess and a Little Tiny Dragon! (G4)     Please like & share:

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Oct 19

October 19, 2015

A Perfect Fall Dinner

Beanless Chili with Corn Chips, Fresh Veggies, and Cheesecake Baked Apples!  Yummy!! Beanless Chili Here’s What You Need: 3 lbs of Beef Stew Meat 2 – 24 oz Cans of Diced Tomatoes 1 – 6 oz Can of Tomato Paste 1 Cup of Diced Green Peppers 1/2 Cup of Diced Onion 4 Beef Bullion Cubes 2 Tbsp Chili Powder 1 Tbsp of Oregano 1 Tsp Cumin 1 Tsp Sugar       Directions:  Mix all ingredients together in the crock pot….

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Oct 5

October 5, 2015

Homemade Kool-Aid Play Dough

Homemade Kool-Aid Play Dough

The first time I made this homemade Kool-Aid play dough I didn’t know I had to cook it and I was disappointed when I found out.  I went ahead and made it anyway and it truned out amazingly and I was so glad I did!  It is so soft and pliable and lasts a few weeks in a zip lock bag in the fridge. Here’s What You Need: 1 Cup of Flour 1/4 Cup of Salt 1 Tbsp. Cooking Oil…

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