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We’ve Been Nominated!

April 25, 2015|Posted in: Uncategorized

I have been nominated for the Liebster award by Veronica Zubek, and I couldn’t be happier! For those of you who don’t know, the Liebster award is awarded to blogs who have less than 200 followers. The idea behind this award is to recognize new bloggers and help promote them!  Each nominee is given 11 questions they need to answer and then they promote 11 more blogs.

Liebster Award

Here are my answers:

  1. What do you blog about? Do you sell anything through your blog or do you just blog?

I blog about My Big Happy Family – kids & teaching, relationships, positive thinking, crafts, recipes, gardening, hearth & home, health & beauty!!  As of right now I don’t sell anything on my blog. In the future I may promote my etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers shops.  But for now, I just blog!

  1. Can you give 11 random facts about yourself?
  • I’ve been married for over a quarter of a century!
  • I have two adopted sons and two bio daughters and they are 23, 24, 25 and 26.
  • My sons were 13 and 14 when we adopted them.
  • The light of my life is being a gramma to my three precocious grandsons and one precious granddaughter!
  • My husband I go out to eat with my three older sisters and their husbands at least twice every week.
  • I have almost 100 nieces & nephews – including grands, steps, and in-laws!
  • Collecting pig figurines is a hobby of mine and I have around 200 of them.
  • I’d love to be a “crazy cat lady,” except I know better.
  • I have a degree in English Teaching and I obtained a dual certificate to teach both elementary and secondary grades.
  • I’ve had a small private school for over twenty years with an enrollment as small as 5 and as large as 115 students.
  • I was a legal assistant at the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Utah for ten years.
  1. What is something you’ve been loving lately? Any new obsessions?

Lately I’ve been enjoying making soap, adding colors, scents, herbs and spices and coming up with pretty ways to wrap and package them!

  1. What is it you love most about blogging?

What I love the most about blogging is having the opportunity to help people and to share with them the things I’m passionate about.

  1. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?

Assuming world peace and health, happiness and prosperity for all, are not the answers you’re looking for, my three wishes would be that I could earn a living blogging, for a new house big enough to host family parties and that I could afford to take my kids and grandkids on a yearly vacation.

  1. Where does your blog inspiration come from?

It comes from my life, my interests and most of all, from my loved ones (my Big Happy Family)!

  1. What is one country in the world you would like to visit? Why?

I’d like to visit the UK because most of my ancestry comes from there as well as much of the literature and art that has influenced my life and who I am.

  1. If you have kids or pets; tell me about your babies.

My babies are my sons, Mike and Joe 25 & 26, my daughters, Hillori & Tara 23 & 24, and my four grandbabies, Ayden and Blake, both 4, Ariyah 3 and Walker 1!  They are my most treasured blessings!!  My furry babies are three cats, Ollie, Calli and Kassie.

  1. What do you do for a living, your day job? If you have your own business or blog for a living, please oh please, share with us how in the world you managed to do it.

I have two businesses, a window cleaning company and a small private school. The way I managed to do it was with blood, sweat and tears!  It takes hard work, dedication and perseverance!  I’m in the process attempting to retire from teaching and earn a living from blogging instead.

  1. What is something you do when you need to take time for yourself?

I love to garden. My daddy was a Master Gardener; I am just an ameatur but I do love it!

  1. Where do you see yourself in five years?

My hope and prayer is that in five years I will be earning a comfortable living from blogging full time, and that my blog will help and inspire many people.  I also hope to be in a position to be able to take my family on a yearly vacation, and either have just built, or be in the process, of having my new house built.


Here are my Nominees:

Adrian Gentilcore

Katelyn Shaw

Coral Thede

Amanda Shafer

Hollie Little-Goldfish

Elizabeth Hollands

Gabbie Arias

Tiffany Bonilla

Sara Thorne

Sue Frycek

Megan Haltiwanger Saia

Marie Rossiter

Jasmie Babyj Newton




  • Answer the eleven questions given to you by the person that nominated you (see below).
  • Please comment on this post with your link when you are done so I can see your answers!
  • In your post, link back to the person/blog who nominated you and give a little thank you shout out.
  • After completing the questions, nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers on the social media platform of your choice, and give them eleven questions of your choice.
  • Notify your nominees of their nomination, and provide a link to your post so that they know what to do.

Here are your questions:

  1. What do you blog about and do you sell anything through your blog ?
  2. Can you give 11 random facts about yourself?
  3. What is something you’ve been enjoying lately?
  4. What is it you love most about blogging?
  5. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
  6. Where does your blog inspiration come from?
  7. What is one country in the world you would like to visit? Why?
  8. If you have kids or pets? Tell me about your babies.
  9. Do you work other than blogging? If so, what do you do for a living?
  10. What is something you do when you need to take time for yourself?
  11. Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?


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  1. veronica
    April 25, 2015

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    It seems like everyone wants to blog for a living. What a great five year plan. I’m right there with you.

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