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Recipe for a Fun, Relaxing 4th of July!

June 26, 2015|Posted in: Uncategorized

PicsArt (5)I think the 4th of July has to be my all time favorite holiday.  Simplicity is the reason.  There is no gift buying or wrapping, no decorating, and no baking.  The city does all the planning and decorating and all I have to do is show up for the party.  It’s so festive and fun and relaxing!

The city of Layton, Utah does a fantastic job of putting on Liberty Days Celebration.  The day starts with breakfast in the park, followed by a parade, ballgames, a run/walk and a carnival with fun and yummy food, booths, games for little ones, bouncy houses, etc. The New American Philharmonic Symphony with Cannoneers plays at the Ed Kenley Amphitheater and an amazing fireworks display at Phone Download July 23 2013 654 (600x450)dark is the grand finale to the celebration!  My sisters and I and our spouses and miscellaneous groups of our 66 kids and grandkids all gather together in the city park every year to celebrate the 4th! We have a blast!!
Everyone wears their festive red, white and blue attire, we bring our blankets(sometimes we take them to the park the night before so we get a great spot on the grass) and lawn chairs and a generous portion of some kind of yummy snack to share with everyone.  I always cut up all kinds of fresh fruit to make a big fruit bowl, one sister brings licorice, m&ms, chex mix and the like, another makes chocolate chip and butterscotch cookies, and the third one makes caramel popcorn balls!  Many of us look forward to the treats all year.  My oldest sister has always bought all of the kids glow sticks at dark and every year they look forward to that.

The lawn chairs and blankets are arranged in a big circle (sort of) and everyone comes and goes from the carnival and we just relax, and visit and enjoy!  I always take lots of pictures with the grandkids.  They always want us to take them over to the carnival and watch them play and we do, sweating bullets in the hot July weather all the while.  Afterward we just have to buy sweet slushy snow cones to cool off!

PicsArt (6)The fireworks start at dark, with the cannons going off to announce they’re about to begin and patriotic music plays throughout the whole show.  We all turn our chairs toward the display and scoot in close together to ooh and aah over fireworks.  Every year without fail it’s a huge, spectacular display! Finally, when it’s all over droves of people begin heading to their cars, most of our family hangs around and visits waiting for the people and traffic to thin.  Finally when the park is quiet and almost empty again we say our happy, contented goodbyes and head to  our homes, having enjoyed another most enjoyable 4th of July in the park!

My Recipe for a Fun, Relaxing 4th of July

  • A city that knows how to put on a great party for Independence Day!
  • Festive Red, White and Blue Attire!
  • Blankets and Lawn Chairs
  • Lots of Yummy Snacks for Everyone!
  • Family and Friends to Share the Fun!

Mix it all together and have a Wonderful Celebration!!

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  1. Meagan
    July 1, 2015

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    This is great! I love the holidays where you just relax and take it easy. So nice and fun!

  2. Camille
    July 1, 2015

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    Relaxing!? I agree, we need to be able to actually enjoy the holiday. We head to a smaller town not far from here so we can enjoy a more low key but super fun way to celebrate. We love doing the parade in the morning and the fireworks at night….as long as I remember my sunscreen!!

  3. Anne Campbell
    July 3, 2015

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    What a fun celebrations!

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