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Lips & Mustaches – Funny Valentines!

February 9, 2017|Posted in: Holidays and Seasons

Lips and Mustaches – Funny Valentines!

Kids (including BIG Kids and Kids at Heart) will love these Lips and Mustaches Funny Valentines!  A very special thanks to my two beautiful daughters Hillori and Tara, who served as my models!


  • Print the pattern on cardstock & cut out lips and mustache.
  • Trace the patterns onto colored cardstock, felt or craft foam.
  • Cut out pieces, poke a hole in the center of each where you see the X.
  • Slide the stick of a lollipop through the hole.
  • Share your Funny Valentines with your friends!

Lips and Mustaches – Funny Valentines!

Get your free downloadable Lips and Mustaches – Funny Valentines pattern HERE


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