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10 Summer Sun Safety Tips

July 18, 2016|Posted in: Holidays and Seasons



Summertime is in full swing!  The temps are soaring and the sun is blazing!  Time enjoy the weather and make some memories with the family!

But nothing can ruin your fun in the sun like a bad sunburn, heat exhaustion or heat stroke.  Follow these 10 tips to make sure you and your family stay safe this summer.

  1. Avoid Temps Above 90 Degrees  – It’s usually safe to be outside in temperatures up to 90 degrees.  When the temp rises above that, use caution and limit your time in the sun.  (Find more info on safe temperatures here: )
  2. Always Wear Sunscreen  – Sunscreen not only protects against sunburn but it can also reduce the risk of skin cancers.  Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the top of your head and ears or to your neck and shoulders!
  3. Protect Your Lips – Lips can be sunburned too.  Use a lip balm with sunscreen to keep your lips soft and protected.
  4. Have a Water Bottle With You – The hot sun will cause your body to become dehydrated.  Take a bottle of cool water with you when you’re out in the sun.  Drink lots of water to stay hydrated!
  5. Put on a Hat – Wearing a hat can protect you from the harmful rays of the sun.
  6. Protect Your Eyes – Sunburned eyes can be very painful.  Wear sun glasses to keep your eyes from getting burned.
  7. Wear Long Sleeves – A long sleeve shirt will also help protect your skin.  Just make sure it is made of a lightweight, breathable fabric such as cotton.
  8. Take Refuge in the Shade – Take frequent breaks from the sun by finding a shady spot or by going indoors to cool off for a bit.
  9. Cool Off with a Spray Bottle – Nothing feels better than a cool mist of water on a hot summer day.
  10. Create a Breeze with a Hand Held Fan – A nice breeze is also a great way to cool off!  If the air is still you can create your own breeze with a hand held fan!

Have a Safe, Fun, Memory Making Summer!

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