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Jul 13

July 13, 2017

Amazing Women from History

Amazing Women from History!   Ever since I was a young girl, three women from history have enthralled and inspired me!  I’ve spent some time reflecting upon just what the reason is for my fascination with these women.  Are their admirable traits the ones I see as the most important characteristics an individual can possess?  Why have these three women captured my attention for most of my life?  Upon careful consideration, I determined that the single most desirable trait anyone…

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Jul 12

July 12, 2017

Kid's Books About Summer

Kid’s Books About Summer

Kid’s Books about Summer! Reading is so good for kids and I try to encourage it every chance I get!   My book collection is all about holidays and my grandkids love to read them when they come to Gramma’s house.  They like to  learn about all the fun activities and events associated with the different holidays and the changing seasons.  The most wonderful thing of all is when they snuggle up next to me and let me read them…

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