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Jun 3

June 3, 2015

Great Ways to Get Exercise!

    Ten Normal Daily Activities that are Also …         Great Ways to Get Exercise!   Play Tag or Other Jumping and Running Games With the Kids Go for a Walk Put on Some Music and Dance Vacuum the House (including the stairs, under beds and couches, etc.) Scrub and Mop the Floors Wash the Baseboards Wash all the Windows and Glass in the House Run Up and Down the Stairs Mow the Lawn Pull Weeds…

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Apr 17

April 17, 2015

Bathrime Brouhaha

Bathtime Brouhaha!

 Bathtime Brouhaha!  Swoosh, Splish, Trickle, Drip, SPLASH! Almost all kids love bath time. I suspect most of those who don’t, have parents who are doing it wrong!  Even when you’re in a hurry, bathtime can be fun. It doesn’t need to take a long time (though I’ve had many a kid protest getting out of the tub when they had already played so long they’d nearly turned into a prune!). But, most of the time you should allow kids a few…

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