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Jun 19

June 19, 2017

Pineapple Items

Pineapple Everything!

Pineapple Everything!   Pineapple the sweet, tangy fruit with a big personality, has become an icon of all things tropical and all things summer!  I came accross the cute sunglasses below and thought what a great idea it would be put together a post with a lot of  fun pineapple novelty items.  Wouldn’t it be great to put together an entire outfit – dress, shoes, jewelry, glasses and handbag – all adorned with pineapples!  Or you could visit the beach…

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Apr 10

April 10, 2017

Easter Pasta Salad

Easter Apple Chicken Pasta Salad

Pasta Salad for Easter This delicious pasta salad is an Easter tradition in our family.  It’s one of the things we look forward to every Spring.  It’s savory and sweet at the same time.  While it would be delicious anytime, Easter is a perfect time to add it to the menu.  We often pair it with BBQ chicken and rolls.  Yumm!  Make some for your family this Easter!! Pasta Salad Recipe Here’s What You’ll Need: 4 Cups of Chicken, Cooked…

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Jun 25

June 25, 2015

Grilled Hawaiian Burgers

4th of July Grilling – Hawaiian Burgers!

Are you tired of plain old burgers and looking for something yummy to grill for your 4th of July barbecue?  Try these delicious Grilled Hawaiian Burgers!  They’re my daughter’s all time favorite! Grilled Hawaiian Burgers Recipe Here’s What You’ll Need: 4 Lean Hamburger Patties 4 Bakery Hamburger Buns with Sesame Seeds 1 Can of Pineapple Slices 4 Slices of Swiss Cheese 1/2 Cup of Teriyaki Sauce 1/4 Cup of Brown Sugar Here’s What You’ll Need to Do: Mix teriyaki sauce…

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