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April Fools Day Gags and Gifts!

March 23, 2017|Posted in: Holidays and Seasons

April Fool’s Day is right around the corner.

April Fool's Day Fun

April Fool’s Day Gags & Gifts

With a little planning it can be a day of fun and laughter for your entire family!  Here is a collection of gifts and gags I put together to help you make it a special occassion.  Just click on the photo or the description link to be redirected to Amazon where you can purchase these fun items!

A Round Tuit

Everyone has those jobs that they’re planning to do when they get “around to it.”  Well, here you go, wait no longer!  You can finally have your very own Round Tuit and get those jobs done!

Round Tuit Tokens – 25 Tuits


Elbow Greese

Maybe that job you’ve been waiting to do will require a little elbow greese, well purchase this product and the job will be a breeze!

2 Pack Elbow Grease~2 each 15 oz. Tubs of Thick Oil-Based Lubrication Cream~Original formula

Potty Candy

Who doesn’t love to eat candy from a toilet!!

Kidsmania Sour Flush Watermelon, Grape and Blue Raspberry Pack

Shocking Gum

Offer your friends a stick of gum and watch them jump when they get a shock!  You meanie!

3 Pack of Shocking Gums – Funny Shock Gag (Random Color)

April Fool’s Day Classic Snake in a Can

This one is a true classic!  I’d love to have one for my grandkids.  They would have so much fun “tricking” all of their family members!

Prankster Chip Canister – practical joke snake

Remote Control Spider

Are there any arachnophobes in your family!   Sneak up on them with this creepy guy and have a good laugh when they run and scream!

CALOVER Remote Control Realistic Spider Toys For Kids, Halloween Christmas Gift for Prank or Trick

Disappearing Ink

Another way to get your family members yelling – spill some disappearing ink on their favorite shirt or important papers.  Now that’s really mean!  Use at your own risk!

Disappearing Ink

Whoopee Cushion

Who doesn’t love a whoopie cushion, except maybe the unsuspecting “prankee.”  Haha!  I recently took my five year old granddaughter G3 to the dollar store and before we even got inside she said she wanted a whoopee cushion, Silly Little Princess!!

Forum Novelties 16″ Mega Fart Whoopee Cushion

Hand Soap

Every good host or  hostess has nice toiletries laid out for their guests.  Give them a good laugh with this funny “Hand Soap!”

Accoutrements Archie McPhee Hand Shaped Hand Soap

Squirting Rose

Another April Fool’s Day Classic – the squirting rose!  I need this for my grandkids too.  I’d love to hear their giggles and belly laughs when they invited famiy members to, “smell my flower!”

Loftus Gag Gift Squirting Rose


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